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Spleen - our name says it all

A whim is a fixed, brilliant idea. Also a little weirdness or eccentricity. And this is exactly what is needed when you develop something new that is outside of the previous norm.

In order to adapt the bike and transport themes to the changing lifestyles in the city, we had to take them to the next level. So we rethought and designed a completely new, functional and at the same time stylish backpack model that meets many needs at once.

We rethink backpacks! 

In the urban environment, conventional bag solutions are no longer sufficient. From a meeting straight to a workout or a trip with friends? So far that meant: either backpack or panniers. Our hybrid models now combine all the advantages of both systems - perfect for modern everyday life in the big city! Simply pack the city backpack, hang it on your bike as a pannier, move freely, plan your day and simply take it with you as a backpack on a trip to the countryside. 

What is important to us: sustainability. functionality. regionality.

In just three steps, our hybrid backpacks can be quickly attached to the bike rack as bags and removed again. In addition, all of our products are 100% recyclable. We produce socially and fairly in family-run, regional manufacturing companies. Transparency, short distances - from the first whimsical thought process to implementation - and environmentally friendly and resource-saving production are very important to us.

And, by the way, our Spleen backpacks are available in many different designs, colors and features that meet the most diverse everyday needs of our customers.

Spleen Berlin is a developer of its own bicycle bags and backpacks,

with sales via our own web shop.

We send our bike bags and rucksacks or bike rucksacks all over the world.

You can also benefit from our dealer network.

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