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The all-rounder.


Pack your city backpack, hang it on your bike as a pannier, move freely!


The sporty one.


Uncomplicated packing, easy handling! The bike bag and backpack to take with you!


The classic one.


quality in execution. More than a backpack and a pannier!


The smart one.


Sporty, light, smart! The bike bag and backpack for your business!


<transcy>In 3 steps to the bike backpack</transcy>

In just 3 simple steps from a stylish city backpack to a practical bike bag!

Use your backpack on every occasion!

Whether on your back or on your bike: In three simple steps you can turn your backpack into a bike bag and attach it to your bike easily.

All you have to do is pedal to start your cycling adventure!

We're rethinking backpacks

While a backpack is very practical in everyday life, it is more difficult to attach such a backpack at the bike.

From the fact that the fewest bicycle bags are suitable to be taken on a longer hike in the countryside or in the City.

Our solution...


at last all our Models are HYBRID`S

the SpleenBerlin Team continues...


A city backpack can be turned into a practical bicycle bag in just three steps.


Every single backpack is 100% vegan and therefore recyclable..


Each product is conceived and designed independently, inspired by the Berlin environment.

Spleen Berlin bicycle bags and backpacks

Simply buy the bike backpack online!

What types of bike backpacks are there?
(bicycle bags which are also backpacks)

The bike backpacks are mostly made of Cordura and vegan materials, are developed in Berlin and manufactured in Europe under socially fair conditions. Partly made from recycled materials.

Our models are:

The all-rounder: BOB - the city backpack
The sporty one: FIXIE - uncomplicated packing, easy handling
British Lifestyle: LIZ - More than a backpack and a pannier
The smart one: LU - Sporty, light and smart
The big one: NEIL - Versatile storage miracle

All backpacks and panniers are designed...
for transporting 15 inch laptops.
And all bicycle backpacks are also designed for 100% of all luggage racks with a diameter of 9 to 16 mm. Also suitable for most e-bikes.


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