At Pentecost:

On a bike tour with Bob

The weather is finally better and one can jump on the bike and really enjoy it. The weather forecast for next week predicts – knock on wood – bright sunshine and temperatures around 24 °C for Berlin. Sounds perfect? Is perfect!

Everything you need for on the go - drinks, snacks, a delicious picnic, sunscreen, a change of clothes, laptop, camera or a book for in between - you can easily and safely stow away in our bicycle pannier " Bob" . Made of robust, water-repellent material, Bob is our trusty and versatile all-rounder, which can be flexibly adjusted in size thanks to the roll top and fastening clip. Unrolled in all its glory, it has a volume of 30 liters.

And when the bike is parked, the pannier bag can be converted into a well-fitting backpack with our practical system from Spleen Berlin in just a few simple steps, which can be taken anywhere. In addition, it also cuts a very good figure visually. 😅

Bike tour at Pentecost: Wall bike path or out to Brandenburg?

So what can it be? Explore the capital a little by bike and cycle through Berlin on the Wall Cycle Path while visiting places steeped in history at the same time? Or do you dare to go a little further, to Brandenburg and Potsdam, along the Havel, through forest and meadows and past water buffalo? Here you will find 20 bike tours that start in Berlin and lead you to the surrounding sights and nature.

We're excited to see where you're headed, so leave us a comment with your recommendations and plans!

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