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We've been back from Cycling World in Düsseldorf for a few weeks and it was just incredibly great again. It's always nice to meet wonderful customers and visitors from other parts of Germany and the world and to talk to them.
The bike fair was very successful for us and – of course!
- we will of course be there again next year.
Make a note of March 15 - 17, 2024 in your calendar!
For the curious who couldn't meet us at the fair, here is a picture of our booth with our hybrid backpack models, which can be converted into practical bike bags in a flash.

Spleen Berlin, exhibition stand, Cyclingworld Düsseldorf

Spleen Berlin - who is that actually? And why a blog?

Now I finally have the time to briefly introduce ourselves and say a few important words about why we decided to add a corporate blog to our website. 😄

Who we are? In short: Spleen Berlin is a Berlin label for urban bicycle bags that can easily be converted into backpacks or tote bags. The founders are Reinhard and Anette (me). We've been around since 1995 - but we've been in Berlin with our ideas and products since 2007 and sell at markets and trade fairs. For example, you can find us every Saturday with a stand at Boxi and Kollwitzplatz

We are one of the smaller Berlin companies with fewer than 10 employees. Actually, we are more or less a family business – the youngsters are now also working with us. We attach great importance to sustainability, resource-saving production in Europe, work in a targeted and fair way with small traditional companies and are currently expanding our range further towards recycled fabrics.

Our ideals & values

With the Spleen Berlin blog we want to be more tangible, show face and ideals. We're not just some giant corporation that has bicycle bags sewn together from questionable fabrics on the other side of the ocean as cheaply as possible. Our idea is to be a little more transparent for you here and to give our customers a few insights - for example where and how we produce our hybrid bike bags, what we stand for with our brand and much more... And of course it is It is a great medium for getting in touch with each other, explaining things, being available for questions or drawing attention to (fair) dates or news. We will also try to include any questions you may have here. So see you soon - we'll read each other!

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